Motorcycle Safety

During the warm summer months, we see a dramatic increase in motorcycle accidents. To keep you safe, we have assembled several tips and regulations which we hope will provide you with some useful information.

Operate Your Motorcycle with Care

A major cause of motorcycle accidents is distracted drivers.  If you’re a rider, it is critical that you make yourself as visible as possible to other drivers on the road. Make sure you are always wearing bright and/or reflective clothing.  Remember that blind spots exist in every car.  With many more larger SUVs on the road, those blind spots are a greater concern than ever.  If you can’t see the mirrors of the car in front of you, they can’t see you!

It’s crucial that you avoid lane splitting.  It’s a very dangerous behavior and it is illegal in Massachusetts.  Don’t ever ride between two lanes of stopped or slow-moving traffic.  Someone could open a door into your path or change lanes unexpectedly.  Most accidents which occur during lane splitting are viewed as the fault of the rider.  Like any other moving vehicle, you’re required to stay in your lane.

The number one cause of motorcycle accidents is excessive speed.  Increased speed decreases “room for error.”  Reduced response time leads to a greater risk of serious accident.  Increased speed affects your ability to make a quick decision and maneuver successfully to avoid an accident.  Acceleration directly affects the force of impact and the likelihood of substantial injury.  

Always have your headlights on. Whenever possible, use your horn to signal your presence. Remember, in Massachusetts, every motorcycle rider and passenger must wear a helmet. It’s the law!

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