Five  area students recently were each awarded a $1,000.00 Gerard L. Pellegrini Scholarship to advance  their education by the law firm that bears his name.

The Gerard L. Pellegrini Scholarship is awarded annually to a union member  affiliated with the Western MA Area Labor Federation or their spouse or  dependent. Applicants are asked to submit their high school or college  transcripts, written recommendations, a recital of recent community service  and an essay detailing the importance of the labor movement to their family.
“This scholarship provides a yearly opportunity for the firm to demonstrate  its commitment to helping union members and their families improve their  lives through education,” said Earl Seeley III, a partner at the law firm of  Pellegrini, Seeley, Ryan and Blakesley, and grandson of Gerard Pellegrini.  “My grandfather was a fierce advocate for worker’s rights and fought on  behalf of injured workers for over  50 years -- but before that he  was a working-class kid whose life was changed for the better  by education. He never forgot that,” Seeley added.
“These students represent excellence in the pursuit of education and are  illustrative of how unions can positively influence family life,” remarked  attorney and firm partner Michael Cardaropoli, a member of the scholarship  committee.
Winners of this year’s awards are: Emma Cowles of Wilbraham, MA, Samantha  Franciosa of Granby, MA, Emma Hayward of Pittsfield, MA, Antonia Perakis of  West Springfield, MA,  and Elizabeth Sarnacki of East Otis, MA.  

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