Your First Visit

What to Bring

Please be sure to bring the following things with you to your initial visit. If you have any questions feel free to contact or chat with us.

  • ‍Drivers License
  • ‍Health Insurance Cards
  • ‍Police Report (if applicable)
  • ‍List of Treating Physicians/Facilities
  • ‍All other information relating to the matter.

First Meeting at the Firm

Perhaps the most important stage in the lawyer-client relationship is the initial client contact. It usually starts with a phone call or email inquiry. Personnel are trained to identify a problem and direct a caller to an attorney who has experience and competency in a particular area of the law.

The initial meeting is free. For the client's convenience, we have offices located throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including Springfield, Worcester, Boston, Cambridge, Framingham, Northampton, Pittsfield, and North Adams. During the consultation, a potential client is provided ample time so that he/she can fully explain the matter and voice his/her concerns as well as obtain advice about becoming a client and how issues might be handled. We understand what you are going through if you have been injured- we will not rush you through the meeting.

To expedite this first meeting, please feel free to send us any relevant documents prior to your first visit.

Free Consultation

As always the consultation is free and there is never a fee unless we are successful!