Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a victim of a hit and run accident, what special steps should I take?
What are liens, and how do they affect my damages recovery?
I was injured in a motor vehicle accident while at work. Are my work-related injuries treated differently?
How do you decide when to settle a motor vehicle accident claim?
What is comparative negligence?
How is negligence determined?
What is a lawsuit?
What rights do I have beyond PIP against the person or person(s) causing my injuries?
What are my rights if I am injured as the result of someone else's negligence in the operation of a motor vehicle?
How is property damage evaluated for a property damage claim settlement?
How are medical records used and why are they important?
What is a declarations page?
What is the so-called "U" coverage, which is uninsurance and underinsurance?
How does my personal health insurance coverage interact with my receipt of PIP benefits?
What do I do if I miss time from work as a result of my injuries?
What is medical payments coverage?
What sort of coverage does my motor vehicle insurance policy provide?
When I meet with my lawyer for the first time, what will happen? What should I bring?
If an insurance adjuster contacts me before I seek legal assistance, what should I do?
What types of notices am I required to give in connection with my involvement in a motor vehicle accident?
What is my "duty to cooperate" with my own insurance company?
How will my bills be paid?
What kinds of medical care are available to me?
What do I tell the doctor about my auto accident?
How do I obtain medical treatment if I am injured?
What should I do if I am involved in a motor vehicle accident?
Why should I choose Pellegrini, Seeley, Ryan & Blakesley to represent me in my auto case?
How does Massachusetts automobile accident law affect me?
What is Workers' Comp Surveillance?
I was injured in a motor vehicle accident while at work. Are my work-related injuries treated differently?
What is workers' compensation?
What should I do if I am injured at work?
What if I need medical attention?
What if I decide to see a chiropractor?
Why am I having so much trouble finding a doctor who will take workers' compensation cases?
How do I find a doctor who will treat me?
My employer tells me that I am required to be treated only at the Occupational Medicine Clinic to which it referred me. Why can't I see my own doctor?
Is the insurance company nurse entitled to come with me to my doctor's visits?
Can I be reimbursed for travel expenses for medical care?
What can I do if the insurance company refuses to allow me to see a doctor or to have prescribed treatment?
How long must I be out of work before I am entitled to collect disability benefits from workers' compensation?
What happens if I don't get paid right away?
How do I know that my employer has filed the claim on time?
What happens if the insurance company does not comply with the time deadlines by either paying me or denying me payment within fourteen (14) days?
At what point should I hire a lawyer?
What if the lawyer that I go to tells me that I have to pay him or her a retainer or give the lawyer a fee from my own money?
What if the insurance company sends me a denial form?
What happens after I file my claim?
Can the conciliator order the insurer to pay me compensation?
What happens if we're not able to work anything out at the conciliation?
How long will it take for my case to be assigned to a judge?
What happens when the conference date arrives?
Can I appeal if I am not satisfied with the results of the conference for my worker's compensation claim?
What worker's compensation benefits will I receive if the company either pays me voluntarily or is ordered to pay by the Department of Industrial Accidents?
Do I have to pay taxes out of my workers' compensation benefits?
How does the insurance company determine my average weekly wage?
How do you calculate the average weekly wage if you have only worked a few days for this employer?
The insurance company has sent me a letter saying that I should report to a so-called "independent medical examination." Do I have to go?
I am very nervous about going to this "independent examination." Do you have any advice for me?
I fell in the grocery store, can I sue the store?
I fell on my apartment stairs, can I sue the apartment complex?
What should I do to preserve my claim?
What’s the difference between special and general damages?
How much is my slip and fall case worth?
How are damages calculated in a slip and fall case?
What types of incidents are commonly classified as slip and fall accidents?
What should I do if I am involved in a slip and fall accident?
If I have a slip and fall accident on my own property can I make a claim under my homeowner insurance?
If I have a slip and fall accident at work can I sue my employer for injuries that I have sustained?
What types of legal defenses are there to slip and fall accidents?
If you are partly at fault for your slip and fall accident can you still make a claim for injuries?
How long do I have to file a claim or lawsuit if I am involved in a slip and fall accident?
What are the rights of nursing home residents?
What types of nursing home neglect cases does PSRB review?
What Should I do if I suspect abuse of my loved one?
What are the warning signs of nursing home neglect?
What is Nursing Home Neglect?

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