Separation After Work Injury


We are frequently asked by our clients whether they can be terminated by their employer following a work-related injury and unfortunately the Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Law provides no protection to an employee who has been injured during the course of their work and is subsequently fired by their employer. There are a couple of things that people should keep in mind, that if you are a member of a union you should consult your Collective Bargaining Agreement or talk to a steward and clarify if the employer in fact followed the prescribed method of termination pursuant to the Collective Bargaining Agreement and if you are not a member of a union you will want to consult their personal policy manual that the employer should provide to make sure that they followed the prescribed method of separating you from their employment.  

If you should have any questions in this regard please don't hesitate to contact our office, either by telephone or by email, and we would be happy to respond to any questions that you may have.  

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