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Five-Star Client Reviews 
Five Star Review

"Any time I need legal work done, it will be someone from this office! They are outstanding!"  Paula, Southwick, Mass.

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Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Our attorneys handle the complete preparation of workers’ compensation claims ranging from injuries resulting in death or paraplegia and paralysis to simple back strains.

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Car Accident Lawyers

Our attorneys will advise you in the myriad of insurance issues surrounding an accident, review medical records for an accurate picture of harm resulting from the accident and are also involved in motor vehicle accident liability investigation. 

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Successful Settlements

Millions have been recovered for our injured clients since 1957, including the largest medical malpractice settlement in western Massachusetts of $5,000,000.

Successful Settlements

Construction Accident Lawyers

Our attorneys all aspects of a construction site injury claim together with our client’s Massachusetts workers' compensation claim.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys represent persons injured due to negligence in the act of providing health care or failure to provide care.